Bridging blockchain solutions

An interview with Many Worlds Token COO Steven Bumbera

Many Worlds token x AMB Crypto
Source: Unsplash
  1. Many Worlds Token: The governing token of the ecosystem
  2. MANY Exchange App: A simple and barrier-free mobile application to help users buy MANY without the complexities that scare people away from crypto. People will essentially be able to purchase MANY as easily as they can use Venmo or CashApp. Removing these barriers allows people outside of the current crypto space to easily invest and participate in the Many Worlds Ecosystem.
  3. Blockchain Asset Injection: This will allow for NFT and Crypto assets to move seamlessly across multiple blockchain and metaverse platforms. There will also be an SDK to allow game developers to make their games compatible with blockchain asset injections.
  4. Many Worlds Trading Post: An NFT creation, customization, and trading platform which will also function as a portal to inject NFT and crypto assets into various blockchains and gaming ecosystems. Uses our blockchain asset injection protocols to allow NFT assets to move seamlessly into and out of multiple blockchain and metaverse platforms. Uses out MANY exchange software to allow easy fiat to crypto ramping without complexities, which empowers everyday people to participate in crypto.
  5. Expansion into entertainment: Our NFT trading post will allow consumers to inject their own NFT personas into comic books, animated TV series, and other works with ease. We will also host exclusive NFT collections from various celebrities and influencers with whom we are forming partnerships.



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