The World’s First Dynamic Tokenomics Dominates Market

Record Breaking 1260 BNB Presale Followed By Surging Growth On DEX

  • Created and deployed the first variable tax-smart contract on the Binance Smart Chain that produces stable coin (BUSD) rewards.
  • Sold out of the whitelist with 420 BNB, then the remaining up to 1260 BNB within 3 hours.
  • Within 2 minutes of the public pinksale, 450BNB was sold, breaking previous crypto records.
  • Strategic partnerships in different industries have been established based on the vision and tokenomics alone.
  • Level 1 (On 1st Day from Purchase)
  • Each token purchased into your wallet sends one entry into that day’s Daily Sweepstakes! Every day, 10 lucky winners share a daily sweepstakes jackpot!
  • Level 2 (On 8th Day from Purchase)
  • Start earning BUSD rewards airdropped every week directly to your wallet for simply holding your Level 2 Tokens!
  • Level 3 (On 91st Day from Purchase)
  • Start earning MORE BUSD every week when you hold Level 3 tokens in your wallet!



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